test 1 Practical Photoshop - April 2018 UK | Page 33

SPRING A LEAK Bright spark James Paterson explains how you can use templates and layers in Photoshop CC to create a retro light leak efect In today’s age of crisp, digital perfection, there’s something endearing about old-school chemical ilm flaws. In days gone by, camera makers faced the problem of light leaking into the camera body and accidentally exposing the ilm inside. The issue plagued cheaper cameras in particular, often resulting in an orange glow fogging around the edges of the frame, where the sides of the roll of ilm were most exposed. Now, rather than an entire unexposed roll of ilm sitting in the camera, the digital sensor is only exposed for the duration of the shutter speed, so light leaks are only an issue with really long shutter speeds; and even then the results aren’t as attractive as the orangey yellow bleeding that occurred with ilm. It’s one of those analogue flaws that can evoke a retro mood, and it’s become popular as a digital efect. Here, we’ll explain how to mimic the light leak look with a combination of tonal adjustments. We’ll make AFTER WATCH THE VIDEO https://goo.gl/44gttM BEFORE use of a free paper texture in Photoshop CC to give our image the look of an old print, then use Adjustment Layers and Blending Modes to create our efect. DOWNLOAD THE PROJECT FILES HERE http://bit.ly/2prCXRj ON YOUR PC OR MAC