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APRIL 2021
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APRIL 2021

Pandemic pet boom could prove fruitful for trophy , engraving , award , medal and personalisation retail sector

Over half of the UK population now owns a pet , and according to Kennel Club figures , pet registrations have soared by a quarter over lockdown . With companion animal ownership booming in recent months , retailers have a prime opportunity to showcase pet care products as an increasingly lucrative and growing category .
More than 20 million domestic cats and dogs now live in the UK , of which a total of 3.2 million households acquired a pet since the start of the pandemic . Further to this is the added prediction that a further 10 % of British households currently without pets intend to get one in the next six months .
Data by leading pet care brand Bob Martin identified a tenfold increase in demand of people looking to purchase a companion animal during lockdown , with online search volumes for cat and dog purchases and adoptions at all-time highs . Pets are of course part of the family and the UK pet care sector is expected to expand to more than £ 7bn by next year , with dog food alone worth more than £ 1bn .
So what does this mean for the trophy , engraving , awards , medals and personalisation industry ?
By equipping yourself with the right knowledge and enthusiasm you can capitalise on increased sales by looking at the products and processes you can offer your customers to meet this growing and increasingly loyal consumer demand . Aurelie Gayraud , Senior Brand Manager at Bob Martin , sees that this rapidly growing market of pet owners could prove fruitful for the retail sector in the UK . She comments : “ Retailers that adapt to this pet category trend and those who ensure the growing consumer demand is met , will be presented with an excellent opportunity to drive sales by catering to the UK ’ s growing population of feline and canine loving customers in particular .”
Dog owners alone in the UK are spending at least £ 100.00 a year on average on gifts for their pets . Add to this the added amount spent on basic pet needs like collars , name tags , pet bowls , personalised items , social activities , toys , clothing , and more … the list is endless . Brits love to splash out on their pets as much as they do on their family and friends , so now is the time to capitalise on the pet ownership boom if you haven ’ t already ventured into this area of business and look at the vast selection of products and processes you can offer your customers .
Trophies , Awards and Medals
With this increase in domestic pets , the demand for training , socialising , competition and other group activities has also seen an increase . As lockdown eases , with the rise alone in
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