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Small Business of the Year

Stockton-based Circle Cloud ’ s mission is to become market-leading specialists in the Microsoft Cloud .
Started without external funding , a responsible and strategic business growth management plan saw Circle Cloud go on to experience sustainable year-on-year growth .
With the onset of Covid , the company devised an offering that reacted to the market demand for remote working and subsequently went on to hit its targeted growth figure for 2019-20 without having to furlough or release a single member of staff .
In addition , the sharpening of its information security proposition has meant that Circle Cloud has been able to penetrate new sectors where data protection is critical .
Intasite , a Stockton-based company specialising in health and safety inductions and contractor management solutions for secure and hazardous sites , combines digital expertise with health and safety induction knowledge to produce bespoke site entry platforms that can be delivered remotely through a cloud-based system .
Over the last 12 months , Intasite has achieved great commercial success . As proud Teessiders , they are particularly pleased to have won multi-year contracts with local global companies .
Despite a difficult management buyout , Intasite has gone from strength to strength , creating further jobs . This buyout occurred during the Covid period and was a huge gamble , which makes this growth even more satisfying .
The Life Ninja Education Network provides local primary schools with free , cutting-edge communication and learning hubs .
The release of Zap Maths in March 2020 , an application powered by the Life Ninja Network , covers the entire primary school curriculum and is an effective and rewarding way to help a child with online learning at home .
The Middlesbroughbased company has also developed Message Ninja , used by schools as a communication hub , and Learning Ninja , a home learning solution that enables communication between school and parents . All Life Ninja Education apps work alongside one another and plans are in place to roll them out nationally and internationally in the near future .
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