Tees Tech Awards 2021 Programme - Page 13


Best Digital Project / Campaign

In November 2020 , Mark Rycraft , centre manager at Middleton Grange Shopping Centre , asked Hartlepool ’ s In Studio to take his Giving Tree charity online .
Within two weeks , an online platform had been designed , built and donated which allowed Hartlepool residents to gift toys to disadvantaged children across the region from the comfort and safety of their own homes .
The website was designed to randomly generate a group of tags , each with a toy and child , for users to choose from . A generated numerical code was then given to match them to their chosen toy .
174,000 toys were received through the website , which ensured that no child went without at Christmas .
A Middlesbrough-based technology service provider whose clients include global brands in multiple sectors , Appamondo was asked to create a help desk for Northern Rail which could enable the transfer of customer ownership from Arriva Plc to the Department for Transport .
Such a project would normally take a minimum of 20 working days . Appamondo had just seven – and they delivered !
At a time when both mayors are pushing Tees Valley as a centre of excellence and encouraging the UK government to invest in the region and relocate departments and resources , it ’ s great to see a local company delivering such a prestigious project involving the first rail franchise to be taken back into government ownership .
Created in lockdown , TrendDesk is a leading platform across the UK which serves as a light at the end of the tunnel for the eCommerce and retail sectors , keeping them informed , positive and forward-thinking during uncertain times .
Every team at Middlesbrough-based Salesfire worked on the inception of the platform , from the tech team to design and marketing and business development who showed the product to potential clients to demonstrate that things were continually improving .
As Salesfire expands within the eCommerce industry and finalises expansion to the USA , Europe and Asia , TrendDesk will join the company on its journey , becoming a thought leader across the globe and analysing real-time data worldwide .
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