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Golf Gift Idea

The New “ Claw PRO ” Golf Glove

Just in Time for Christmas by Bill Cromwell , Publisher

Want to get your golfer the perfect Christmas gift ?

CaddyDaddy Golf just introduced its newest golf glove , and you see it here first ! The new “ Claw PRO ” glove is ready for your golfer to wear in style , then grip-it and rip-it ! Golf gloves are one thing that golfers can ’ t have enough of — well , besides golf balls , which they lose far too often . Gloves are a bit harder to lose in the woods .
I ’ ve been using the “ original ” CaddyDaddy Claw golf glove for about two years and love the feel and great grips . My take , no other glove
�Original grips like the Claw — best gripping golf glove I ’ ve ever used . Plus , it ’ s a bonus that when it gets nasty dirty , I can toss it into the washer rather than the trash . After a quick wash , it ’ s as good as new once again . The glove ’ s flex-mesh upper allows excellent airflow , so on those hot days , your hand stays cool — and grips like a Claw !
�PRO control .
The Claw PRO has many of the sought-after attributes found in the original Claw Glove with some added stability and grip . The Pro has a synthetic suede and mesh top that provides excellent stability and ventilation .
It ’ s designed for players with higher swing speeds and / or those that like a tighter fit . Plus , the PRO increases club
Both CaddyDaddy Claw gloves are constructed with advanced synthetic materials providing amazing grip and comfort with extended durability over traditional leather gloves . Think of the tacky gloves a widereceiver uses to make those leaping onehanded grabs for a touchdown . The Claw glove has that same type of gripping tackiness . I love it ! This game-changing glove is truly like nothing else on the market — did I say it ’ s machine washable !
Grip It and Rip It Palm
The Claw PRO has many sought-after attributes :
● Synthetic Suede and Mesh Top Provides Excellent Stability and Ventilation
● Silicone-Web Coating on Palm , Thumb and Index Finger Enhances Amazing Grip
● Looks New Longer than Leather
● Palm will not Crack , Harden , or Tear
● Remarkable Comfort and Performance
● Lasts 3-5 Times Longer than Most Leather Gloves
● Produced with 100 % Synthetic Materials
● Machine Washable
● Conforms with the Rules of Golf
Want a great gift for your golfer or yourself ? CaddyDaddy ’ s Claw PRO Golf Gloves will be available mid-December in men ’ s LH and RH sizes : S , M , L , XL , Cadet M , and Cadet L . It retails at $ 24.99 and is available at www . caddydaddygolf . com , Amazon , and select retailers . The original Claw glove retails at $ 21.99 and is also a fabulous golf glove .
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