Technology flyer - Referendum 2021

Technology ’ s role in preparing students for life

Anoka-Hennepin Schools mission is to prepare students for life . Technology skills are a foundational element to provide options for career , college , military or any pathway students may choose . The capital projects levy provides infrastructure and bandwidth to provide students to individualize their education plan and prepare for life after high school .
Voters in Anoka-Hennepin communities will consider renewal of a capital projects levy ballot question on or before Nov . 2 . This funding was first authorized by voters in 2011 and has provided stability to allow district students to benefit from access to computers , wireless bandwidth and audio enhanced classrooms to support education for the past decade . Most metro area school districts utilize a capital projects levy to fund student technology .

QUESTION Capital projects levy2

$ 4.5 million to provide technology to support learning in the classroom , computers , projection , interactive technologies for learning , broadband infrastructure and networks and audio enhanced classrooms .
Purpose : Improve and maintain technology to increase academic success and prepare students for career and post-secondary success .
Monthly tax increase Explanation
$ 0 * • Provides equitable student access to computers and mobile devices in classrooms .
* Passage of this question would extend tax authority for 10 years . The tax authority for a $ 250,000 home is approximately $ 3.40 per month .
• Provides updated technology for teachers and other instructional support staff .
• Maintains classrooms with audio and video infrastructure , including audio enhanced classrooms .
• Provides for individualization for student learning options , including virtual learning students .
• Ensures every student has access to technology tools and systems to support classroom learning .
• Reduce technology gaps where some students have access and others do not .
If Question 2 is not approved , the district would need to reduce the budget in other areas to provide technology for students in the classroom . The school district could also be faced with not providing or maintaining the same technology tools and resources that students and classrooms have seen added over the past ten years .
How important is the ability to use computers and other technology for today ’ s students ?
41 % Absolutely essential 44 % Very important
44 % Very
10 %
Somewhat Important
10 % Somewhat important 5 % Not important / don ’ t know
6 % Not important / don ’ t know

85 %

41 %
Absolutely essential
Results from community survey conducted by Decision Resources , Feb . 2021

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