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Computer Security Tips For Everyone The security is a central issue in the world dominated by ​ technology​ . The greater the use and uses that we take advantage of, the greater the risk of sharing sensitive information, storing documents of interest or disseminating personal aspects that may be used illegally. Although to a greater or lesser extent we are aware of the relevance of this issue, we still face high-risk risks. The general misinformation, the increase in ​ cyber attacks​ , the perception of the cost of protection or the rapid evolution of the technological market are issues that concern those responsible for security or the ICT department of companies. But outside of these the picture is not better: the carefreeness of minors, for example, can be a source of problems of a certain seriousness. Propagation between all types of devices . Computer viruses evolve to spread between devices connected to each other. One's vulnerability may be the gateway to the rest. Attacks focused on the Internet of Things . Such a system gives access to thousands of devices with information that can be useful in good hands and very dangerous in the wrong hands. The more the use of wearables , smart grid and other technological trends is extended ; greater will be the desire to access their systems. Focus on the cloud and virtual infrastructure. The battle of productivity is being fought in the cloud and more and more people want to conquer that area, both for good and for bad. Dependence on these systems makes them a clear target of cybercriminals.