Techlandia Issue 5- 2021/2022 - Page 88


real-time, dynamic dashboards with more static, long-term plans. 

“We need to monitor and model the world around us,” he added. “Historical data isn’t enough when we’re trying to save lives.”

DKS jumped at the opportunity to work with MSADSB students, underscoring a commitment to pivot in an evolving environment accelerated by the pandemic. The firm presents a good use case for digitizing static deliverables, a market need across industries that MSADSB graduates will be well-positioned to deliver on.

“The pandemic taught the world that many industries can operate and thrive virtually,” Pearmine said, noting that transportation engineers and planners have been promoting the idea of telecommuting for decades. “Not everyone needs to be on the road at the same time. Smoothing out peaks in transportation congestion creates safer roads and changes how the industry operates.”

Pearmine has also developed relationships with PSU’s civil engineering and computer science programs, realizing an opportunity to scale the partnership. 

“I hope we can go beyond conceptual and start building new digital tools, cross-disciplinary within PSU to address how quickly things are changing.”

There’s a growing demand for bridging business strategy and data science fluency to enable effective communication between companies building solutions and their customers. “It’s great that PSU’s School of Business realized the need and the potential,” Pearmine said. “We’re excited to go deeper.”

Adrian Pearmine

Meena Al-Azzawe