Techlandia Issue 5- 2021/2022 - Page 79

Now, retailers that use RYNLY can encourage their customers to download the mobile app and become a driver, delivering to nearby neighbors in exchange for many incentives such as exclusive rewards, loyalty points, and discounts on their shopping.   

The app's smart tech and intelligent geo-mapping automatically match the demand for delivery with participating driver preferences — which are completely configurable within the app —  meaning notifications are only issued when convenient for the driver.

“For example, a participant driver is in-store buying groceries, our app can determine their location and will check for pending delivery jobs that need to go to a neighborhood near where that shopper lives. The app will allow the in-store shopper to accept that delivery job, choose their payment preference and then guide them through the complete delivery process, including route optimization," added Setzer.  

The system is appealing to retailers because it is cost-effective and strengthens loyalty with their customers.  It’s appealing to shoppers because it offers a great way to save or make some money, support local businesses, and reduce emissions by multi-purposing their journey to and from retail locations. 

“It’s a win-win,” said Setzer. “Not only does this reduce the massive delivery costs for retailers, but it offers an incentive for customers to deliver and keep coming back to the store, creating a circular economy between retailer and customer.”

RYNLY is a shining example of a company that used technology to adapt to the pandemic not only to survive but significantly increase profit.

“Business went up in the pandemic,” added Setzer. “In fact, we’re currently signing paperwork to deploy with a top retailer in the UK with potential to have Rynly operational in over 1000 stores across the nation.”


Making sense of shipping and supply chain data in the freight industry is essential to accurately forecast and predict future outcomes, costs, and shipping routes. The pandemic debilitated companies’ ability to predict shipping trends and expenses due to many quickly changing and unprecedented circumstances. One company, however, found a way to capture the data and use it to accurately forecast despite the challenges of the pandemic. Enter, FreightWaves.

FreightWaves is a freight market forecasting and analytics platform. In other words, the company provides current digital intelligence and context to the freight community on a central platform to enable shipping brands to best transport products around the world. As the pandemic mounted, this was an increasingly difficult task. 

“The pandemic accelerated shipping trends,” said Daniel Pickett, FreightWaves’ Chief Data and Technology Officer. “People couldn’t do normal things, like bowling or