Techlandia Issue 5- 2021/2022 - Page 45

I love having the Oregon Coast and Central Oregon for a break away from technology and the city . My favorite thing about the Pacific Northwest tech community is how down-to-earth , inclusive , and accessible it is . In the future , I hope that more tech entrepreneurs and employees in Oregon and SW Washington experience life-changing liquidity , creating a virtuous cycle of seed investment and innovation .
— Dan Warner , CTO at Verivest , Portland , OR
My favorite part about living here is the hidden gems you can explore , specifically in the neighborhoods of Portland and the beautiful nature that surrounds it . Oregon offers a diversity of eateries , and one of my favorite activities is finding new restaurants and bars around the Portland area every weekend . The region ’ s tech ecosystem has been the most inviting environment to begin building my early career . Through the local networks , I ' ve been able to find mentors , advisors , and peers that share my passion for leveraging technology to build a better and more sustainable future . — Ibrahim Baldé , CEO & Co-Founder , Blackbook University , Portland , OR
Since 2003 , we ’ ve been very purposefully running our business in Eugene because of the lifestyle in Oregon . Ten years ago , it was hard to recruit people from outside the area . Now , almost all of our applicants are from other places , and they are dying to move to Eugene . Eugene has a lot going for it — an airport , the university , you ’ re close to the ocean and mountains , and only a couple hours from Portland . The tech community here has matured , and it ’ s an exciting place to be if you ’ re in tech , with plenty of opportunities . — Sabrina Parsons , CEO of Palo Alto Software , Eugene , OR