Techlandia Issue 5- 2021/2022 - Page 42

We moved Lazarus 3D from Houston to Oregon during the pandemic because we firmly believe that qualify of life is a key determinant of productivity and whether or not a team thrives . Moving to Corvallis gave us opportunities we ’ d never had before , like being able to explore nature and see the beauty that Oregon has to offer . It helped us be more efficient , healthier , and happier , and we really love it here . On top of that , Oregon is affordable , and there ’ s an extremely educated workforce with the type of skills we need to drive our medical device company to the next level . — Dr . Smriti and Dr . Jacques Zaneveld , Co-Founders & President / CEO of Lazarus 3D , Albany , OR

Why Oregon ?

Since the Covid-19 pandemic upended life-as-usual , many tech employees now have the option to work remotely . Oregon is well-known for its natural beauty , thriving food and drink scene , and holistic work-life balance , and workers looking for a break from bustling urban life seek out smaller Oregon cities like Bend and Eugene . TAO reached out to members of the local tech community for their thoughts on what makes this region ’ s tech ecosystem unique and what they like best about living in Oregon .