Techlandia Issue 5- 2021/2022 - Page 35

Get buckled up with our Beginner’s Crash Course to Elastic Stack series. 

This series is open to all developers with little to no experience with the Elastic Stack or those who could use a refresher.

By the end of the series, you will know when to use Elasticsearch and Kibana and how to get started with these products. You can find the series on the Elastic Official Community YouTube channel.

Pick up the speed with a Guide to Machine Learning (AI) with the Elastic Stack.

Each day, we collect more data, which is growing exponentially with new mobile apps, websites, and even virtual assistants.

With the need for innovation, companies have chosen to store more data to gain new insights and, therefore, competitive advantage. But, in addition to storing it, it is necessary to give meaning, transforming data into easily analyzed information.

Someone could do this with knowledge of the business, but how could we scale it with massive amounts of data?

Artificial Intelligence algorithms are one of the main allies in this process, aiming to simulate human intelligence in machines. The models can process data, identifying patterns and behavior to understand the data set better.

This guide covers AI with a focus on Elastic's Machine Learning solution, aiming to introduce and exemplify the possibilities and options available and address the context and usability.

Connect with the Elastic Community 

Community matters to all of us at Elastic. Our users and contributors have helped to ensure that the Elastic Stack is more than just code — they are free and open projects that people love to use and talk about! 

Find advice and lend a helping hand through our discussion forums.

Join our fast-growing Elastic Slack to chat with other users and ask for advice in various channels.

While we can’t meet in person just yet, join one of our virtual user groups to hear from Elastic experts.