Techlandia Issue 5- 2021/2022 - Page 30

YearOne Helps Non-Traditional Software Engineers Connect with Careers

Stephen Ajayi’s first brush with computer programming was practically by accident.

In 2013, the Portland State University pre-med student enrolled in an elective computer science course. That experience would set his life on a different path, one that would change hundreds of aspiring programmers’ lives for the better.

Learning coding sparked a passion that the Happy Valley native and jewelry sales associate couldn’t find from another field of study. But rather than switch majors, Ajayi began writing code in his free time and enrolled in a coding boot camp. Eventually, he found a job that combined his programming skills and past sales experience.

But the memory of that first year looking for internships and full-time work after the coding boot camp remained lodged in his mind. It would be the genesis for Ajayi’s own business, YearOne