Techlandia Issue 5- 2021/2022 - Page 27


The School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) at Oregon State University strives to provide experiential, hands-on educational experiences for our students and research with real-world impact. Our faculty live for new discoveries, innovation, and synergistic collaboration and seek out organizations that share these interests.

And we’re growing. The School of EECS has roughly 4,000 students enrolled and graduated nearly 1,000 students just last year.

Whether you want to post a job on Handshake or need a targeted student engagement plan – getting involved is easy. The school offers industry several student engagement options, including Networking Nights, Career Showcases, and Webinar Wednesdays.

Need to hire a different engineering major? The College of Engineering at Oregon State offers 45 undergraduate and graduate majors, certificates, and minors. With roughly 9,000 students, Oregon State is home to one of the largest engineering programs in the nation.

Learn more about how your organization can get involved by exploring our website.


Oregon Tech uses Handshake. The best way to get in touch with our students or alumni (other than using Handshake) is to reach out to our Employee Relations Specialist. There, you can find information on upcoming events companies could participate in (including career fairs), setting up classroom visits with targeted student populations, organizing a campus visit and information session, and much more!


Oregon Tech students get hands-on experience in their fields from the start of their time at Oregon Tech. All degree-specific courses have hands-on labs included where students gain working experience with the information they are learning in the lecture portion of their courses. This educational model helps students connect theory to practice well before actually working in the field. Our students are set up to contribute from day one when they start their careers post-graduation.


Handshake is the best place to start if you have a position ready to post. Are you interested in exploring other opportunities to connect with students like career fairs or information sessions, setting up an internship, or joining the CO-OP program? Reach out to our Employer Relations team, and we will connect you with the best person for your needs.


PSU students across all disciplines are developing skills and approaches to learning and problem solving that will benefit local tech companies. Our students in technical and business majors and minors are learning from faculty with industry experience and following industry trends to be ready to join and contribute to your organization.


Most of our students in technical majors participate in internships and co-ops in addition to their coursework and capstones.  Our students bring experience, diversity, and connection to the region with them. We have a large population of first-generation students, and most of our students balance family and work priorities in addition to school — they are talented, have the drive to succeed, and are committed to learning and growing.


About 80% of our students say they plan to stay in the Portland metro area.  We have thousands of PSU alums working in technical and business functions at area tech companies across the region. Our motto is “Let Knowledge Serve the City,” and most of our students stay to do just that!



OHSU doesn’t use Handshake, so if a company wants to hire students from the OHSU biomedical informatics program, they should reach out to our Career Development Specialist directly. Students in our graduate program can also get credit for internships. 


The Health & Clinical Informatics and Bioinformatics & Computational Biomedicine programs produce graduates with excellent data science skills. In addition, our biomedical informatics program has many graduates with experience and training in healthcare professions who are very knowledgeable about the intersection of technology and healthcare. We consider the health and healthcare side of knowledge and skills just as important as tech. The dismal success rate of many health IT startups is a testament to their lacking understanding of healthcare, and our students can bring that understanding. 


Our biomedical informatics graduate program has 815 alumni dating back to the inception of the program in 1996. We are national and international in scope, and alumni of our program work for tech companies, healthcare organizations, research institutes, and government organizations.