Techlandia Issue 5- 2021/2022 - Page 18

A Whole New Reality

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“ Today ’ s students are digital natives ,” said Jay Schnoor , founder of virtual reality ( VR ) and design consultancy firm VedX Solutions . “ We are designing for their future .”
Schnoor and his team established VedX in Bend , Oregon , in 2020 with a vision to scale the company and its offerings to transform education by leveraging the thriving tech ecosystem across the state and the team ’ s global network . They joined Technology Association of Oregon ( TAO ) as a new member in 2021 and are well-poised to partner on several initiatives across the state .
“ We are focused on pioneering new dimensions in learning ,” explained Schnoor . “ Using VR enables us to offer a more engaging and fun environment for students and consequently boost their motivation and knowledge retention .”
VR is a technology that uses a Head-Mounted Display ( HMD ) to deliver visually immersive digital environments separate from the physical world . While wearing an HMD ( also called VR Goggles ), you may look in any direction to see a persistent digital environment , which gives you the feeling of being there in person . VR offers an engaging environment that boosts student motivation , curiosity , and creativity . VR-based learning is an excellent example of a virtual form of immersive learning and shows an impressive retention rate of 75 %, beating out lectures ( 5 %), reading ( 10 %), and audio-visual learning ( 20 %).
VedX provides customizable VR solutions to global clients , including high schools , universities , governments , workforce development , corporate education , and enterprises . VedX has three main areas of focus : classroom in a box , career development , and recruiting .