Techlandia Issue 5- 2021/2022 - Page 15

“There’s not a struggle to find people right now,” Newman said. “We’ve built a strong culture, which has helped us hang onto people. We love being here.”

Precision Analytical is one of a growing number of tech, scientific research, and advanced manufacturing companies starting operations or expanding in McMinnville. With a population of about 35,000, the seat of Yamhill County is perhaps better known to many Oregonians for the concentration of award-winning vineyards dotting the region.

But McMinnville entrepreneurs craft more than Pinot Noirs and gluten-free beer. They build software, unmanned aerial vehicles, medical devices, and more.

Buildable, a custom software development company headquartered downtown, has stayed busy throughout the pandemic, designing apps and digital platforms for healthcare, insurance, e-commerce, and non-profit clients. The company was founded in 2008, and Buildable Business Development Manager Miles Oliveira was the fourth employee when he came on in 2017. Spurred by recent changes to its business model that have landed new enterprise clients, today Buildable has 25 full-time employees and five open positions.

“We’re going to be at 30 to 35 by the end of the year based on our projections,” Oliveira said. 

Scaling the business in a community some may consider off the beaten path hasn’t been a hindrance at all. In fact, Oliveira said, the city’s quality of life and affordable housing prices have helped them attract Oregon tech workers looking for a different pace than Portland or other large urban centers.


“McMinnville has a very supportive business community,” he said. “We also play off the fact that people know McMinnville because of the wine industry. Clients definitely want to visit us.”

This growing cluster hasn’t just sprung up by coincidence. McMinnville-area leaders have worked to foster a welcoming and prosperous business environment. The McMinnville area boasts a higher household median income than many other parts of Oregon outside of major metro areas. And the average commute time is 21 minutes, according to Zoom Prospector. 

McMinnville has a very supportive

business community.

— Miles Oliveira, Business Development Manager at Buildable