Techlandia Issue 3 - 2019/2020 - Page 58

Photo Credit: Edward Tenny

"Everybody thinks of Bend or Sunriver as the best escape in Oregon. But, why spend your three hours driving there (and four back if you're lucky), dwelling on the big SUV in front of you when you can reach the Columbia Gorge Hotel from Portland within an hour, and spend your time dwelling on the dramatic views from a clifftop overlooking the magestic Columbia River?"

"You can find me wandering in the Portland Japanese Garden.

Any time of day or year, the garden is guaranteed to deliver those moments of pause, reflection, and natural beauty that I need to re-center and re-energize."

"A foodies dream in Portland, Berlu is a curated tasting menu dinner with meaningful touches throughout your entire experience.

I love seeing passion shine through in people’s careers and Chef Vince puts his whole self into his restaurant. "


Mike Graham

President at Real Carbon

Mariah Scott

CEO at Skyward

A Verizon Company

Allie Magyar

CEO at Hubb

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