Techlandia Issue 3 - 2019/2020 - Page 53

Slalom Build – and our first-of-its-kind delivery model Build as a Service – is our answer to providing the professional services that our clients need to keep pace in their industries and in their environments. The specific combination of quality, velocity, and laser-like focus on user centricity is the foundation of Build as a Service.

BaaS represents your endless capacity to create. It’s the always ready, instantly available engine capable of forging custom-built, modern technology products from the promised potential of the cloud. Put simply, BaaS is the bridge between Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, and the tailor-made Software as a Service that organizations are looking to leverage as they differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

How do we do it?

By creating modern, cutting-edge Build Centers that attract the world’s best talent, leveraging our tested and proven Agile methodology to deliver iteratively and repeatably, side-by-side with our clients.

We’ve built a simple and easy way for organizations to plug into our BaaS model and start building the future today.

And there are five key, interconnected pieces that turn the BaaS lights on.

Techlandia 52