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PacStar’s quality and reliability have translated into strong growth – more than $100 million in revenue in 2018 which exceeded the prior year’s revenue by more than 50%. The company also has secured several major program of record awards from the U.S. Army and U.S. Marines that will lead to more than $300 million in revenue in the next four to five years, along with $20 million in contracts with U.S. Army Security Forces Assistance Brigades that train and assist allied and partner nations. The company also sells its proprietary products worldwide to NATO members and other U.S. coalition partners as well as to industry for a variety of commercial applications.

To meet the demands of its growing market, PacStar is expanding its workforce and Oregon presence. The company’s employment has grown from 70 employees at the end of 2017 to 125 employees currently. The company is looking for talented software, mechanical, electrical and network engineers; operations staff; assembly workers; and product quality assurance employees who will work primarily at the company’s Portland, Oregon headquarters. Employee satisfaction, as an indicator of an empowering corporate culture, is exceptional.

PacStar is committed to building its success locally. It develops all of its hardware and software products in Oregon, using no offshore engineering teams. From 2017 to 2018 PacStar doubled its manufacturing capacity – all in Portland - and continually seeks partners and supplies based in the Pacific Northwest. In its commitment to cybersecurity efforts in Oregon, PacStar is a sponsor of Cyber Oregon, the statewide cybersecurity initiative focused on tangible solutions to protecting the digital lives of all Oregonians.

The state’s youth also get a boost from PacStar. The company sponsors NW Cyber Camp, Oregon’s statewide cybersecurity summer camp for high school students. PacStar CTO Charlie Kawasaki co-founded the camp and PacStar has been the title sponsor of the popular camp for the past four years.

Secure tactical communications are at the heart of PacStar’s vision, regardless of where users are – in the world’s toughest environments or on the home front. Its team continues to drive development of revolutionary new communications products that are truly transformative in bringing powerful commercial technologies to military users at the tactical edge.

We continue to innovate and launch new products, keeping up with ever-increasing demand for computing capability and ongoing demand for smaller size, weight and power. We are dedicated to doing the right thing for our customers. Our quality products and outstanding customer support are repeatedly cited by our end users as the reasons they enjoy doing business with us.



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