Techlandia Issue 3 - 2019/2020 - Page 3

Letter from Skip

The innovation economy in the Pacific Northwest is

thriving and the region’s tech industry continues to grow.

The mergers, acquisitions, capital investments and

corporate relocation to the region mean thousands of new,

high paying jobs are available that span software and

product development to cybersecurity and technical sales,

among others.

In Vancouver, Washington, DiscoverOrg acquired

ZoomInfo to create a billion-dollar-plus enterprise and the

Home Depot Quote Center plans to expand its campus from

one building housing 250 employees to four buildings.

Vacasa raised hundreds of millions of dollars to fuel

additional expansion and acquisitions. The Southern Willamette Valley continues to be a powerhouse of cybersecurity with SentinelOne and locally-founded SheerID. Central Oregon saw the rise of Lora Dicarlo, a hardware company that challenged diversity and inclusion at the Consumer Electronics Show and is redefining equity in tech. And these are just a few of the many milestones achieved by tech companies in the region this year.

As the industry looks to 2020 and beyond, the region is boldly embracing next generation technology and redefining how we live, work and play.

Connected Region: While Portland is a globally recognized leader in urban planning and smart cities, the entire region is exploring connectivity and the role tech plays in improving the quality of life. Intel is piloting the use of blockchain and the internet of things (IOT) to improve agricultural outcomes. St. Charles Hospital and OHSU are leading conversations around a digital identity for healthcare while AT&T, Comcast and Verizon are deploying infrastructure solutions to enhance connectivity and leverage the massive amounts of data associated with these initiatives.

Future of Work: The region’s tech industry embraces a remote workforce throughout the Columbia Gorge, Central and Southern Willamette Valley, and Central Oregon. Fostering a work-life balance that attracts the next gen workforce. Industries throughout the region are looking to automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning to redefine work, creating tech jobs in non-tech firms.

Cutting Edge Technology: The innovators and entrepreneurial leaders in the region turn to technological advances to create both jobs and fun. From RealWear using augmented reality for firefighters to Industrial Training International hiring game developers who use mixed reality to train construction crews, the spirit of ‘what’s new and what’s next’ rings loud throughout the tech sector. That spirit extends to creative, pet-friendly work spaces, progressive policies like paternal leave and team building while kayaking or paddle boarding down the Willamette River.

On behalf of the team at TAO, our Board of Directors, members and many volunteers, we hope you enjoy this edition of Techlandia and the snapshot of the people, places, programs and culture making up the region's tech industry.


Skip Newberry

President and CEO,

Technology Association of Oregon

Techlandia 3