Techlandia Issue 2 - 2018/2019 - Page 36

36 INTERNET OF THINGS FOCUSED RESEARCH CENTER CALL FOR PARTICIPATION Internet of Things (IoT) marks the dawn of a technological revolution that rivals the industrial revolution. In this new era, intelligent computing becomes anticipatory, proactive, and adaptive. says “This research will enable a new class of applications with intelligence that is predictive instead of reactive. We want to make processes more efficient and save time, energy, and money.” The next big growth in IoT systems will come from pushing Pervasive Personalized Intellige nce (PPI) in everyday devices to learn and dynamically support our preferences and lifestyles at home, at work and on the move. The Center would allow for interdisciplinary research on machine-learning based software systems and aid in long-term partnerships between startups, corporations, universities and government agencies. Industry members leverage affiliate investment, have direct access to students, and enjoy company savings thanks to low risk and accelerated R&D. The research activities are led by twenty-nine faculty across the focus areas, including ACM Fellows Tom Dietterich, regarded by many as the father of Machine Learning, and Margaret Burnett, a pioneer in gender-inclusive software. A proposed new multi-university, industry- focused PPI center, headquartered at Oregon State University and a site at University of Colorado Boulder, will be supporting research under the supervision of the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) using the NSF IUCRC Model. Associate Professor, Danny Dig, at OSU College of Engineering, the executive director of the new center,