Teach Middle East Magazine May-June 2016 Issue 5 Volume 3 - Page 8

OUR CONTR Maryann Reid Aaron Crotty Dr Jan L. Jones Betina Fuentes PreSha Barnes Chassie Selouane Dr Thomas Gamboa Jr Gianna Ulyatt Mostafa Hassan Maryann Reid, a personal coach and educator from New York, has a passion for helping women create structure and safety in their busy lives. To connect with her, visit www. booksandbuzz.com. Betina is a Cycle 2 teacher at a girls’ school in Al Ain. She and her family are from Florida, USA and are enjoying their time in the UAE. She is looking forward to travelling, meeting other new teachers, and helping her students learn as much as they can. Dr. Gamboa has nearly 20 years of teaching experience at all levels from elementary to university graduate level. He is currently in his second year as a cycle three public school English teacher in the UAE. 6 | May - Jun 2016 | | Aaron is a certified Senior Financial Planner with over seven (7) years experience in the financial industry. He is based in Dubai where he utilises his expertise representing Arlo Associates. Contact Aaron via email at aaron.crotty@arloassociates.com PreSha has been an educator for the past seven years. Originally from Houston, Texas, PreSha is passionate about empowering other educators. She is also a Teach UAE Magazine Blogger. Gianna has extensive experience as a teacher, principal, and inspector. She is a consultant with expertise in KG and has spoken at conferences in Hong Kong, Spain and the U.K. She sometimes works in the UAE. To connect with her, email giannaulyatt@ hotmail.co.uk Class Time Dr Jones (Associate Professor) is currently the Travel and Tourism Management Advisor and Undergraduate Coordinator in the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies at Southern Connecticut State University in Connecticut, USA. Chassie Selouane has a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre & Education, a Master’s of Education Degree - Curriculum Instruction with a Specialization in ESl. Chassie is the Director of Learning at SAIS-Dubai. Mostafa (ArabBaba) is a teacher by profession. He has been an Arab Stay-At-Home-Baba (Dad) to his two daughters. He is also a blogger, who is on a mission to prove that Parental Engagement is vital to the process of children’s education. For more on ArabBaba visit www.ArabBaba.org.