Teach Middle East Magazine May-June 2016 Issue 5 Volume 3 - Page 46

Travel Unearthing the beauty of Nepal By Betina Fuentes A s I climbed the nearly vertical spiral staircase, clutching the iron railing, I joked with my husband, “This had better be worth it.” Two more flights of stairs later, I found myself lifted above the smoky haze of Kathmandu’s busy streets and surveying the hive of activity below. It was worth it. 24 hours before, I was just taking off from Abu Dhabi, on my way to a place I’d always heard of, but never thought I’d visit. Nepal carries a certain mystery, generally reserved for Everest trekkers and backpacking students; I came with my husband and our toddler. The blogs and travel articles I’d read warned of bad roads, unpredictable power outages, and street beggars. We experienced these things, certainly, but they did not take any of the luster from our getaway to one of the world’s oldest and most resilient countries. Beautiful and colourful carved statue. Our travel itinerary was set up so that we saw our main destinations in the morning and early afternoon, returning to our hotel before dinner. I would highly recommend this schedule for anyone with kids, as Kathmandu is extremely dark after sunset due to the lack of street lighting and occasional power outages. We stayed a few kilometers from the city center at the Food market. Tricycles known as Rickshaws are a common sight and a fun way to get around.