Teach Middle East Magazine May-June 2016 Issue 5 Volume 3 - Page 4

CON CLASS TIME 8 14 Perspectives: The Global Teacher Prize 2016 Top Ten Finalists 16 What is Phenomenon-Based Learning? 17 Wellbeing in schools: a paradox in education (Part Two) 18 An open letter to newly hired teachers 20 Build positive teacher-student relationships 21 The top four excuses parents give for not engaging with social media 22 Our Own English High School Sharjah... Striving for excellence, striding towards success 33 2 | May - Jun 2016 | | Class Time 8 Are educators putting others off joining the profession? #ChangetheRhetoric 9 The value of ‘Make and Take’ planning sessions 10 Three simple rules to excellent behaviour management 11 Here is what to consider first when changing careers 12 Common misconceptions about Islam 13 Aqeela Asifi talks about the shift in perception on girls’ education 22 26 How to modify lessons for students with Dysgraphia 28 Is teaching a profession or a vocation? 29 OOS Students find practical solutions to environmental problems 30 Featured Teacher: Anitha Sanal Kumar…A catalyst for innovation among colleagues and students 31 Featured Teacher: Suma Koshy fuels a love of science in her students 32 For Your Information - Ramadan 2016 Things to keep in mind 33 How to encourage a culture of reading in your school