Teach Middle East Magazine May-June 2016 Issue 5 Volume 3 - Page 31

Featured Students OOS Students find practical solutions to environmental problems T each UAE Magazine met a few of the students at Our Own English Speaking School Sharjah (OOS) at the GEMS Maker Day, which was held in February 2016. We were impressed with the manner in which the three young ladies, Maryann Boniface, Saniah Abdul Rahman and Sofia Mohammed Rahman, eloquently expounded on their science project, which they created to address the problem of effectively cleaning oil spills from the ocean with minimum damage to the sea floor. Below, they share with us their love for science and what they hope their project will accomplish. Maryann Boniface Sofia Rahman Grade 12 Grade 11 What do you enjoy most about science? Saniah Abdul Rahman Grade 9 What do you enjoy most about science? What I like most about science is that it teaches me about the diversity of life forms, our environment, it’s mechanisms and how these mechanisms can be used to come up with creative ideas. Science takes me to a whole new level of imagination, creativity and lots more. What impact would you like your project to have? I would like the project to be of great impact in securing a safer and better future for us by giving a helping hand to our beautiful planet. What do you do for fun? I like to take strolls and observe the beautiful sceneries that nature offers us; I also like to listen to music. I enjoy how enlightened you can become with science. It has something for every type of learner. Whether it is theoretical or experimental. My love for science is rooted in the way that I was taught science at school. I love the fact that science allows you to do things that can potentially make a huge difference. One of the things that I find interesting about science is the fact that today’s science or today’s truth may be found to be false tomorrow. I think we should be driven by this concept to question everything about the science we know now to seek a better form of science for tomorrow. What impact would you like your project to have? We would want our project to raise more awareness about oil spills and effective solutions for it. We want to directly affect and improve the situation of oil spills and we want to show that some of the greatest of problems can be solved with simple, yet highly effective solutions. With our prototype based on simple scientific concepts, we wish to minimize the harmful after effects of conventional oil spill control methods, by using organic and environmentally friendly concepts and methods. What do you do for fun? I love listening to music and I also enjoy watching movies. It’s not surprising that my favourite genres are sci-fi based. Apart from that I enjoy drawing and doodling during my free time. What do you enjoy most about science? I’m fascinated by the fact that science is like a vast ocean where there are millions of things yet to be discovered and experimented. At my school, Our Own English High School Sharjah, our principal, parents, teachers and guardians have all played a great role in granting us access to this ‘ocean’ of science and helping us to master the art of science. What I like most about science are the mysteries that unravel, as we explore it and the sense of eagerness that it creates. It makes me feel like I’m already a scientist. What impact would you like your project to have? I would like this project to be a part of the solution to the environmental problem that resulted from our lack of focus in taking better care of our oceans and the environment in general. Our inaction, and in some cases, foolish and deliberate acts have led us today to an ailing planet i.e. the earth. I hope that this project will influence and persuade others to focus more on how we can take much better care of earth. What do you do for fun? I enjoy the challenges that I undertake in discovering, inventing and innovating. Apart from that I enjoy baking and embroidery. Class Time | | May - Jun 2016 | 29