Teach Middle East Magazine May-June 2016 Issue 5 Volume 3 - Page 29

Sharing Good Practice • This is a BIGGY! Modeling and providing examples of finished assignments. Emphasize quality, not quantity. • Providing lessons with visuals (pictures/videos/authentic cultural samples/field trips). • Allowing students to circle or type their test answers. • Using multisensory lesson sequencing and spelling terms. • Permitting students to complete work at home or over an extended period. • Extra note taking time or a recording device (a cellular telephone or iPad). • Beginning assignments early. • Using GoogleDocs, Learning Ally and/or Dragon Speech Recognition software. • Assessing students based upon their knowledge. • Spelling and handwriting should not be graded in red ink. Typed, correct answers may be given to student. • Give lesson-aligned support materials to lessen transcription. Remember, the goal is learning and understanding, not writing. • Providing guided Rubric Reading and Readiness (Teach the student how to use a rubric or have them create their own.) • In student centers, create collaborative “Excellence Teams” based upon varied strengths. Assign a scribe, reader, proofreader/ editor, Cheerleader, artist/designer, etc. By working in teams, students with dysgraphia shall be able to contribute to the finished project using their strengths. When in groups of two, have students coproof one another’s work before submission. If one student is a great speller, she/he may take the time to correct spelling errors. Good attitudinal student teams are key! • Educate students about dysgraphia and talk about differing epistemologies (learning styles) and not inabilities. • Use lined, raised or graph paper for mathematical computations. • Larger pencils may help alleviate some fine motor difficulties. Please do not ask students to write answers within small spaces. • Eliminate scribing stress. Remember, the writing process should not thwart the learning goal. YOUR GATEWAY TO SUCCESS PROVIDING HIGH QUALITY LEARNING AND TEACHING MATERIAL FOR ELT & K12 DISTRIBUTING IN THE REGION, FOR THE REGION PARTNERED WITH W W W . SM A R T EDUCAT ION.AE IN FO@SM A R TEDU CAT ION. AE