Teach Middle East Magazine May-June 2016 Issue 5 Volume 3 - Page 26

Featured School a great deal in preparing for Islamic studies assessments without any pressure. ‘Math Cafe’ This was conceptualized to develop students’ interest in Mathematics. Many children generally do not enjoy the subject, as it requires regular practice and involves logical and analytical skills. The computer teachers of Grades 7 and 8 were able to create an app ‘Math Café’ with the relevant content provided by the Math teachers. This had a positive impact on students who were able to overcome their fear of the subject. They developed an interest in Math activities. Math Café paved the way for the extension of Personalised Learning in subjects like English and Science. Student Cabinet Senior school students conducted the first ever press conference that showcased an ‘all-women’ cabinet. The team formulated policies and welfare schemes, which were questioned by the reporters and guests. This was done via a video conferencing session with Political and International Affairs Analyst, Dr. Janardhan and Mrs. Meena Janardhan, writer, editor an d consultant. The students discussed and debated international issues in connection with the role played by the United Nations in today’s crises and environmental concerns. This enriching learning experience enabled students to look beyond their textbooks and classrooms for solutions to achieving a peaceful and sustainable future. Junior School Parliament OOS believes in nurturing leadership skills at a very early age. Hence, the Junior School Parliament has students from Grade 1 upwards in key roles such as Prime Minister, Leader of Opposition, Health Minister, Education Minister and Members of Parliament. They debate and deliberate issues related to; food available in the canteen, cyber bullying and misuse of technology. Recently, they discussed, ‘Future will be for those who adopt innovations’. The Junior Parliament is a democratic endeavor, instituted to provide leadership skills and to encourage students to raise concerns and find feasible solutions. Personal Universal and Life Skills Education (PULSE) The PULSE programme is spread across the school and involves sessions such as; shadowing a professional, personality grooming, stress management, peer pressure, self- defense, cyber bullying, handling relationships, and so on. The school aims to have at least two modules for each grade. Grade 12 students, who have to prepare for the CBSE Board Examinations, are introduced to skills to help them cope with the overwhelming stress and expectations from parents, teachers and peers. Grade 10 students have a session on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to enable them to use their mental skills more effectively. Recycle Runway This show directs attention to pressing issues that impact the environment. The Junior Parliament at OOS comprises of students from Grade 1 upwards. 24 | May - Jun 2016 | | Class Time The theme was ‘Celebrating past, Shaping the future’. The show commemorated the intercultural dialogue prevalent in UAE and presented models of symbiosis. The designs highlighted both the local culture and Indian culture. The students were able to show off their creativity by making stylish clothing from materials that would otherwise end up in landfills. Students also employed the use of technology by constructing digital portfolios. OOS has been recognized for unique environmental initiatives and has been a recipient of Green Flag for two years. They also received ‘Sharjah Environment Awareness Award’ for their significant environmental projects. CANVASS This is a student-led forum that seeks to bring a cross-section of the student and parent community of Grades 7-9, on a common platform to discuss sensitive and delicate issues openly. It is a universal fact that children may not always share their fears and anxieties with parents. The aim of CANVASS is to forge pathways into the parentchild relationship, thus, strengthening the bond. The well-utilized platform provides, to all parties concerned, an insight into the minds of the other, which goes a long way in ironing out the differences. Parents have welcomed the forum and lauded it as a space to properly discuss an array of topics, which cannot be approached in a personal conversation at home. It is hoped that CANVASS will create a happier atmosphere for students in school, as well as at home. A student performing at the ‘Ruhaaniyaat Islamiyah’ event at OOS.