Teach Middle East Magazine May-June 2016 Issue 5 Volume 3 - Page 16

Vox Pop Global Teacher Prize 2016 Top Meet the Global Teacher Prize 2016 Top Ten Finalists and read about their views on education, personal development and more. Aqeela Asifi Pakistan Kazuya Takahashi Japan What does being in the top ten of the Global Teacher Prize mean to you? “23 years ago, I was not sure that my tent school would last 3 days. Challenges were great. I had no idea that this would happen when I started a school in a camp that most people do not know. I feel great pride at this success. I am proud that most of my students have finished the 5th grade. I am happy to be able to talk to people I have never met. It is amazing that the world has recognised my efforts.” Maarit Rossi Finland Tell us about the space elevator competition. “I teach English Project Management with LEGO. Space Elevator is a good way to expand students’ knowledge of science. This programme allows me to introduce my students to professors outside of our school. This gives them a chance to connect with real scientists, which lets them know that they too can accomplish this in the future. I created a movement, which led to the competition in our school. The students were happy to do the project because it gave them a platform to showcase their talents.” How c a n teachers m a k e learning math fun for students? “Math education hasn’t changed in a very long time. We need to change math content and how it is taught. Traditionally, the teacher is at the front of the class and the students sit and try to solve the problem. Eventually, some end up hating math because of this method. It must be student centred. Allow the students to perform activities that give them handson experience with math. Group work and social discussions, especially for girls, are equally as important as practising.” Ayub Muhamad Kenya Why is developing social entrepreneurship skills in students important? “In many parts of SubSaharan Africa and other parts of the world there is a lack of job opportunities (challenge of employment). Education systems tend to focus mainly on academics. For the workforce, graduates outnumber the jobs that are available. This needs to change. We can tap into innovativeness and creativity in our students. Help them to become job creators and change lives.” 14 | May - Jun 2016 | | Class Time Colin Hegarty United Kingdom What is the best advice that you have received and how has it helped you? “An older practitioner once told me that ‘the day that you think that you know it all in teaching, you should quit.’ I think that to be a great teacher, you have to be a great learner. Try to improve your practice each day. Modelling that type of lifelong learning will help your students to model the same. Reflect on how you are performing, how your students are doing and what you can do to improve.”