Teach Middle East Magazine Jan-Feb 2018 Issue 3 Volume 5 - Page 9

Edx Education Advertorial Where is the Mathematics? The sorting experience may easily be extended by adding some tweezers and sorting bowls. Children will be learning about: • Geometric Pattern (reasoning) • Number Patterns (early algebra) They will be developing mathematical language such as: copy, continue, colour words, shape words, object words, direction, position, sequence, repeat. For those children who want to extend the experience, alternative patterns may be introduced. Clapping Patterns Many children respond to various clapping patterns as part of the classroom routine for gaining attention. These patterns may be extended, by including sounds other than clapping, such as clicking or by the addition of actions. Non-Linear Patterns Fabric patterns often radiate out from a point. Time often follows pattern such as daytime follows night time. Seasons come and go. Life itself is a cycle. As children play with pattern blocks they often form symmetrical patterns without really thinking about what they are doing. Symmetrical patterns are aesthetically pleasing. Simple Sorting Children will need to sort the various pieces according to a single criterion such as colour, size or shape. The ultimate piece of mathematical equipment f