Teach Middle East Magazine Jan-Feb 2018 Issue 3 Volume 5 - Page 53

Personal Development in several locations throughout the year. This opens up really lucrative opportunities for teachers who enjoy globetrotting, to become private tutors for such children. With more and more ordinary parents turning to home-schooling or seeking extra support for their kids, the market for good private tutors seems to also be growing. Plus, tutoring is one of the best part-time jobs for teachers who need a bit of extra cash. 5. Curriculum Writer Some teachers would rather be behind the scenes writing the curriculum and creating resources for the classroom. This too can be a great choice for those who would like to remain in education, but step outside of the classroom. 6. College or University Academic Advisor Former teachers are often good at knowing what students need in order to successfully navigate their academic requirements. And every post-secondary institution has staff members who specialise in assisting students with that aspect of college life. So being an academic advisor is often a good match for people who've left the teaching profession, but don't want to leave the education sector altogether. 7. Public Speaker Public speaking is becoming a very lucrative field, with some speakers commanding fees in the tens or even hundreds of thousands per appearance. Teachers tend to be born public speakers. They certainly have had plenty of practice speaking to groups of students on a daily basis. I strongly believe that nothing can be harder than keeping a group of children engaged and entertained for close to seven hours everyday. If teaching is not great practice for a career in public speaking, I don’t know what is. 8. Vlogger/Blogger These might not be obvious career choices for ex teachers, however to be a great vlogger or blogger you need to be a great story teller and teachers have had plenty of practice in this area. Vlogging and blogging also requires you to be disciplined and organised, which are also skills possessed by most teachers. Many expat teachers are also avid travellers, why not marry the two and start a travel vlog or blog. 9. Writer Former teachers often make exceptional writers. And great writers are always in demand—not just in the worlds of publishing and entertainment. Countless businesses and non-profit organisations also have ongoing writing needs, whether for technical documentation, grant applications, proposals, or internal or external marketing. If you're well- versed in a particular subject, you may even be able to find work with textbook publishers. You can work as part of an in-house writing team, or you can freelance on your own schedule, work from wherever you want, and choose your clients. 10. Radio and Television Broadcasting They say teaching is 70% acting. If this is the case, ex teachers are well suited for a career in radio or television. Being required to talk for the majority of the day, to students and colleagues, has to be great preparation for a career in broadcast journalism. If you have ever fancied a change, to a career in radio or television, chances are, you already have what it takes. This list is by no means comprehensive, because ex teachers are suited to a myriad of careers. If you are a teacher who has simply had enough of the classroom and none of the above resonates with you, there are so many other options to consider. Remember in your search to; keep an open mind, network, get additional training in a new field if necessary, think outside the box and stay persistent. The level of dedication and discipline required to survive as a teacher, will serve you well in any other career that you may choose.