Teach Middle East Magazine Jan-Feb 2018 Issue 3 Volume 5 - Page 4

TENT 02 | Jan - Feb 2018 | C L A S S T I M E 08 10 20 31 06 Purposeful Play in the Early Years 08 An Opportunity Missed… Opening up the learning space to the students 20 A guide to climbing the career progression ladder in international Schools 09 Ensuring a Harmonious Work Environment in Schools 22 British School Muscat: Provides pupils with high quality British education for an international future. 10 Are your students ready to compete with robots? 26 Using digital resources to complement classroom teaching 11 Know Thy Impact: The Three ‘A’s to becoming a data powerful school 28 Teaching English as a Second Language in Kindergarten: An Anecdotal View 12 CPD Training in Dubai Exceeds Expectations 29 The Essential Checklist for Developing Early Writing 14 Enhancing Guided Reading By Utilising The Daily 3 Strategies 30 Preparing students for a world that doesn’t yet exist 15 Special Education Needs in the Middle East 31 Reasoning Talks Part 2: Number Talks in the Secondary Mathematics Classroom 16 How do we instill an idea of risk taking and struggle with Maths? 17 Make the Transition from Primary to Secondary Easier for children with SEND 18 Evidence Based Assessment Strategies 19 7 reasons why you should attend the Middle East Maths Teachers Conference 2018 | Class Time 33 A Conversation with Professor Peter Barrett 34 MDonnell Tenner enjoys a fulfilling career leading schools overseas 36 How to Manage Groups While Learning Outdoors 38 How to develop student leadership in your school.