Teach Middle East Magazine Jan-Feb 2018 Issue 3 Volume 5 - Page 37

Featured Teacher compassion, humour and trust. I believe in education we need to be compassionate because we do not know another person’s walk and/or what they are dealing with in life. Compassion leaves room to personalise interactions that form lifelong relationships. Humour helps lighten the load and helps put a different spin on an overly stressful job and situation. Humour does the heart, body and mind good. Trust can and has been a lost quality in some leadership circles across the world. When someone can trust you as a leader and know that your intentions are pure, then you as a human being, becomes that facilitator that brings people together for the betterment of the team’s success. Share the ways in which the work that you are currently doing positively impacts young people. I have the ability to meet young people where they are, academically and socially, and build relationships with them that are real and relevant. Relationships are the catalyst in making education prosper anywhere in the world. What is one of your proudest achievements to date? My proudest moments to date is having the opportunity to use my skills set, internationally. Being an instructional leader on an international level, brings many proud moments, those moments are how I can make a difference in a child’s life. What are three fun activities that you do to relax and take your mind off work? In order to relax I do a combination of exercising, reading one of the three books I read each month, and meditating early in the mornings.