Teach Middle East Magazine Jan-Feb 2018 Issue 3 Volume 5 - Page 27

Featured School Since beginning this, parents have commented that they feel more aware of what their children are learning and what goes on within school. Parent Feedback: "I am a huge supporter of the discovery learning approach, introduced last year at BSM. It transformed my son from a very reluctant school-goer, into an engaged and excited pupil who was happy to go to school every day and proud to share with us all, of the wonderful things he was creating and learning at school. From wooded animals, cut and nailed together in the Creative Workshop, to cakes and pizzas made in cookery and felt killer whales stitched in the sewing area! Every week there were new and exciting challenges and activities. I am grateful to BSM staff for introducing this innovative and imaginative approach and most of all, for making learning fun for our children." Dolly Madden, Year 1 Parent 2016-2017. “Discovery Learning - so successful in school, we have adopted it at home: wood work, clothing design, (some) wet play, etc. The model workings from recycled boxes and bottles is very creative! Our daughter loves the Science experiments this year. Her writing, maths and her reading has come on leaps and bounds. Thank you and well done! Great work!” Oliver Myhill, Year 1 Parent 2016-2017. British School Muscat’s programme to create inspiring facilities Following an extensive stakeholder consultation in 2012/13 it was clear that to achieve BSM’s vision to be a leading British international school, we needed to develop inspiring facilities. Having appointed award winning architects Jestico+Whiles, a further programme of consultation took place in April 2014; all staff, pupils, parents and governors had the opportunity to give their views on how BSM’s facilities could be improved. The architects conducted a full analysis of our site to explore the opportunities and constraints of our location. The architects produced a phased masterplan, received with tremendous enthusiasm and excitement from the community, outlining how inspiring facilities could be developed at BSM. The architects embraced the aspirations of the community, the future curriculum needs of the school and took advantage of opportunities that the site presented. Construction of Phase 1 of the masterplan started in April 2015 and finished on time less than 12 months later, at a cost of £5m, funded by reserves and preferential borrowing. In January 2016 BSM proudly opened its first set of inspiring facilities: 10 new science laboratories, an all-weather sports arena and secure drop-off and parking. Crucially, BSM operated safely every day during the building process. Two-way communication with students, parents and other stakeholders was proactively encouraged to keep everyone informed throughout the construction process. Phase 1 has secured inspiring facilities for teaching Science, English, Geography and History with modern, flexible learning spaces. Key Stage 4 and the Sixth Form curriculum grew to include Psychology, Astronomy, Textiles, Arabic and Spanish. Our enrichment programme has expanded to include community events such as the 24-hour charity run and adult education classes in A level Art and GCSE Film. We were proud hosts of the BSME U13 games on the new sports arena in January 2016. The continuing effects of the re- development of our urban campus are just as important: up-to-date teaching; better all-round pupil care; improved links with the community; more accessible buildings; and a larger student roll, acting as a catalyst to expand the curriculum and promote better results. Phase 2 of the re- development is underway, providing three new swimming pools; two new indoor sports halls; a dining hall; and a performing arts centre. The importance of enriching the curriculum at the British School Muscat by offering subjects such as; Textiles, Astronomy and Photography We believe in a broad and balanced curriculum at BSM that values the sciences and arts in equal measure. More specifically, we believe that, as the challenges and opportunities that face the world in the 21st Century become more complex, we are not only going to need highly talented mathematicians, scientists and programmers. We are going to need creative and innovative mathematicians, scientists and programmers who are able to apply their knowledge and understanding in imaginative ways to address the complexity of the problems and challenges they face. BSM has high ambitions for its students. The bold message to the community and prospective parents, via the new inspiring facilities, shows BSM’s commitment to its vision of becoming a leading British International School. The students and staff of BSM Class Time | | Jan - Feb 2018 | 25