Teach Middle East Magazine Jan-Feb 2018 Issue 3 Volume 5 - Page 15

This concept of independent learning also introduced the idea of the ‘third teacher’, which is seen as the learning environment, where children explore and investigate, following their own interests and engage in activities they like, that can be supported by the teacher, building investigative skills, collaborative working, use of new resources, and giving the child a sense of achievement. their own style and ideas. The use of zones, for reading, messy play, rest, art and craft, etc, is also seen as a useful way to create engaging environments that support these individual activities, and put the children in a relaxed and engaged mood. This session also featured ‘self- directed learning’ as an important factor in encouraging children to learn – give them the space and the facilities to learn, with some professional direction and encouragement, but not necessarily firm instructions – encourage them to explore and investigate This type of learning requires a flexible learning environment, with access to resources, areas to experiment and play, encouragement from the teacher, and the safety to allow their natural inquisitive nature to guide them. During the break, all participants were keen to try the branded cup-cakes Following completion of the course, all delegates received a signed certificate from Quest, which qualifies as part of their official ongoing training. More sessions are planned for the future, and these will be publicised by email, and through contact with EduFun.