Teach Middle East Magazine Apr - Jun 2020 Issue 3 Volume 7 - Page 54

Personal Development THREE CLEVER WAYS TO MAKE STAYING AT HOME WORK FOR YOU! BY: COLEE WELDON W ow! What a roller coaster and unexpected few weeks we’ve just had behind us - with much uncertainty to follow! learning-from successful! Breathe in. Breathe out. To be productive in any environment, it’s essential to check in on our emotional mindset. With today’s incredible technology and collaboration tools, emotional check-ins with our team members and learners can be a simple task. Though simple, the impact of a simple question, “How are you feeling?” combined with positive reinforcement like: “I am here if you need/want to talk” can be the difference between performance and procrastination. How are you holding up? Maybe you’re a working parent that has set up a temporary office at your kitchen table, maybe you’re a student who can no longer go to class, or maybe you’re an entrepreneur working hard to keep your business alive. Either way, things sure haven’t been easy. Let’s take a collective moment to re-set, slow down and be grateful for what we have as we navigate this upcoming time together. Like us, you may have noticed there’s no shortage of articles on how to make the most of the collective working- from-home and learning-from-home global regulations. We have seen so many tips and tricks on how to ‘survive’ the next (few) month(s). Being at home provides us with an amazing experience to re-think how we learn and to re-visit our existing habits and patterns. How can we – by being productive, positive and disciplined –achieve our professional, academic and personal goals? home Term 3 Apr - Jun 2020 more Staying Connected with Teams and Colleagues Making New Habits Work for You Habits dictate a huge part of our life - what do we do when what we know is completely disrupted? In order to build structure, we have to adopt new habits. With little time spent on travel, lunch preparation and packing, or outfit choice, more time can be spent on starting the day in a mindful and intentional way. How? A deliberate stretch, a run around the block or a series of breathing exercises can work wonders! Or try meditation, this improves physical and emotional health, concentration, sleep as well as reduces stress. And, don’t be afraid to dress up! There’s nothing wrong with looking’ sharp on conference calls! Setting Your Routine Maintaining routine with colleagues and kids is key. Schedule specific work hours in dedicated working areas - this really helps shape productivity! For kiddos: consider setting goals like reading one book or finishing one chapter of an e-learning syllabus per day. Teaching your children to learn through different mediums (physical books versus online) is important. Since e-learning is ultimately the future of learning, the sooner children, and adults, become familiar with this, the more capable we will all be in our schooling and professional lives. For teams: try - if you can - to organize creative activities with your team - like a virtual coffee break or water cooler conversation. Challenge each other in online games and show compassion for your colleagues - this is a stressful time for many of us. The personal growth which can come from this unprecedented time spent at home is as powerful as we make it. We need to challenge ourselves to trust the unknown and adapt to a digital world which is very capable of supporting work and learn-from-home environments. Check out our top three ways (beyond traditional online learning) to make your days of working-from-home and 54 even After the Bell