Teach Middle East Magazine Apr - Jun 2020 Issue 3 Volume 7 - Page 51

Travel food. Most of the restaurants and coffee shops are located in the old part of the city, however its offerings extend beyond that, to other delights such as; captivating shopping of local design handicrafts, local handmade chocolate, souvenirs, home decoration products, clothes - the list is endless! Porvoo's center opens to a national urban park, in which beautiful views and natural attractions are available for everyone by foot, bike or paddling on a SUP board. The purpose of national urban parks is to preserve urban nature and build cultural environments that form part of a comprehensive, integrated system. The national urban park in Porvoo was established in 2010 and it extends approximately 10 km south from Old Porvoo, via the river estuary to the archipelago, as well as 8 km east. You get around in the park using streets, walkways and biking routes, pavements and nature walks and by paddling and boating on the river and sea. In the summer you can rent a bike and explore the nature with it. Biking along the riverside, allows you to see many different views that the beautiful unique Finnish nature has to offer; horses in the field, beautiful archipelago surrounded by long reeds or traditional Finnish forests with small walking paths. season of the year, Sandy beaches and sun warmed cliffs in the summer, ice fishing by locals in the winter, snowstorms by the sea, gazing at the stars in November or getting up in the spring to hear the birdsongs, are all memorable experiences. In the summer you can even buy a ticket for a short or longer archipelago cruise. Nothing beats the beauty of Sikosaari and Äggskär islands or Pellinki archipelago! You can reach these destinations by car, bus or boat! Wake up to a slow morning in a beautiful room, admiring the beauty opening from the window and with the breakfast of your dreams awaiting downstairs. Staying the night in Porvoo often means a manor, a wooden house, an idyll, nature, encounters – something special. It can be a historic manor turned into a hotel; or a romantic B&B. Just as well the luxury of a boutique hotel, a hostel in a wooden villa or a cottage in the archipelago. Stay longer and Porvoo will award you with more of its beauty. Add Porvoo to your bucket list and get an opportunity to see these unbelievable destinations. Experience charming moments with Red wooden shore houses, river and archipelago cruises, chocolate kiss from local candy factory, Porvoo Cathedral, the viewpoint Näsi Stone and of course stay the night in Porvoo! If you are interested in exploring the Nordic archipelago, with its stunning seashores and amazing views, Porvoo is your place to go! The coastal charm of Porvoo can be found in the; river that runs into the archipelago every Eva is a 25-year-old inhabitant from Porvoo, who has fallen in love with this city. She has lived there for almost four years, she studied there for a BBA degree and is currently working for the City of Porvoo. She is living in Old Porvoo and she dreams of living there in a big wooden house someday. Her passion is travelling in Finland. After the Bell Term 3 Apr - Jun 2020 51