Teach Middle East Magazine Apr - Jun 2020 Issue 3 Volume 7 - Page 50

Travel PORVOO THE CITY OF CHARMING MOMENTS BY: EVA SAARELMA P orvoo is a city that will enchant the visitor and the inhabitants time and again: Old Porvoo with its cobbled streets, the small galleries and the river lined with old wooden warehouses, a town in whose narrow lanes the ambience of days gone by meets the spirit of modern design. Historical Old Porvoo is naturally the best-known attraction but you can also easily fall in love with the beautiful surroundings with a wide countryside, riverside and amazing archipelago. Porvoo is the second oldest city in Finland from 14th century and it is located only 50km east of Helsinki. The city has over 50,000 inhabitants and about one third speak Swedish as their mother tongue. Porvoo is the most popular day trip destination in Finland. Over 1.6 million visitors come every year to admire the colorful wooden houses and stroll along winding pebbled streets to enjoy what this city has to offer. For longer stays, Porvoo is a good base for exploring the capital city, relaxing in the countryside, enjoying Finnish nature and tasting modern Finnish cuisine. Walking around Old Porvoo is like travelling through the pages of an old book of fairy tales. There you can 50 Term 3 Apr - Jun 2020 find many restaurants and beautiful small coffee shops with a great taste of Finland; try traditional pastry Runeberg’s Cake, taste local chocolates and sweets or even have reindeer pizzas. The story tells that Fredrika, the wife of Finland’s national poet Johan Ludvig Runeberg, used to bake the Runeberg’s Cake for her husband. In Porvoo, you can enjoy these delicacies all-year-round. This city is also well- known for its Chocolate Kiss pastries that are full of creamy foam and topped with crunchy chocolate. These kinds of products, from the locals, are After the Bell totally the best souvenirs that you can find from Finland! The forests, fields and the sea around Porvoo produce excellent ingredients that chefs use to create the most spectacular dishes for their customers. This city is worth a visit for its restaurants and coffee shops alone. It is also said that, among Finnish destinations, Porvoo gets the best reviews for its restaurants and its atmosphere. The charm of Old Porvoo is particularly present in the summer heat as well as in the soft snows of winter. It’s hard to find the same kind of atmosphere and idyll anywhere else in Finland. Porvoo is also called the capital of Finnish