Teach Middle East Magazine Apr - Jun 2020 Issue 3 Volume 7 - Page 42

Sharing Good Practice BUSINESS FINLAND SET TO HERALD FINNISH EDUCATION AT EXPO 2020 T he Finnish education system is world renowned for its student- centred teaching and learning approach. It is however worth noting that the widely acclaimed and admired Finnish education system, is not an overnight success, but has systematically evolved, over the last few decades, into what is now considered to be a high quality equitable education system. Finland with its relatively small population of about 5.5 million, has in place an education system designed to provide all its citizens with equal education opportunities, irrespective of their ethnic origin, age, wealth, gender or where they live. One of the integral structures working in favour of the development of the Finnish education system is the fact that there are various local Finnish organisations which are collectively equipped with multiple expertise in the manufacture and provision of educational and learning products. These range from; technologies, programs, applications, digital learning suites and software, educational content and materials – to ser vices such as teacher training, pedagogical and vocational programs. Teach Middle East, on the invitation of Business Finland, was privileged to travel to Finland, to have a first-hand experience of how some Finnish educational establishments are offering invaluable support to the Finnish education system. Business Finland is now on a campaign to share the tested products and services of these establishments with the Middle East region. Business Finland is happy to announce that a number of these Finnish establishments will be in attendance at the upcoming EXPO 2020 Dubai, where they look forward to sharing their educational expertise with all interested parties. Interested parties are also welcome to get in touch with them through contact details provided in this article. PARTICIPATING FINNISH EDUCATION COMPANIES 1 EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION AND CARE https://www.educationfinland. fi/what-we-offer/earlychildhood- education-and-care Tasked with the care, education and teaching to support children’s balanced growth, development and learning. 1. Cloubi Ltd - Learning materials and educational technology http://cloubi.com/ 2. Eduten - Learning materials and educational technology https://www.eduten.com/ 3. Qridi - Evaluation and quality assurance, Learning materials and educational technology, School concepts http://www.qridi.com/ 4. University of Helsinki Centre for Continuing Education HY+ https://hyplusglobal.fi/ 42 Term 3 Apr - Jun 2020 2 BASIC EDUCATION 3 GENERAL UPPER SECONDARY EDUCATION https://www.educationfinland.fi/ what-we-offer/basic-education https://www.educationfinland. fi/what-we-offer/generalupper- secondary-education At the age of seven years, a child starts formal primary education. In the year prior, at the age of six, children participate in mandatory pre-primary education. The syllabus of general upper secondary education is designed to last three years, but students may complete it in two to four years. „ „ Included in Category B are all those companies listed in Category A Companies included from earlier categories A and B: 1. New Nordic School https://newnordic.school/ „ „ Cloubi Ltd - Learning materials and educational technology http://cloubi.com/ „ „ Qridi - Evaluation and quality assurance, learning materials and educational technology, School concepts http://www.qridi.com/ 2. Omnia Education Partnerships (OEP) https://www.oep.fi/ 3. Utelias / Elias Robot - Learning materials and educational technology https://www.eliasrobot.com/ 1. Seppo – An easy to use tool for all teachers to create and share educational games in every subject and at all school levels. https://seppo.io/en/ Content courtesy of Business Finland Class Time