Teach Middle East Magazine Apr - Jun 2020 Issue 3 Volume 7 | Page 14

Sharing Good Practice ACHIEVING EQUITABLE QUALITY EDUCATION FOR ALL USING VIRTUAL SCHOOLING BY: GAVIN MCLEAN The global educational disadvantage As part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, all United Nations member states agreed on a set of goals including the improvement of education by the year 2030. One of these goals (goal 4) aims to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong opportunities for all learners across the globe.  There are, however, widespread challenges faced by countries across the globe seeking to achieve this goal, one of which is  educational disadvantage. “Children living in poverty face many 14 Term 3 Apr - Jun 2020 barriers to accessing an education. Some are obvious — like not having a school to go to — while others are more subtle, like the teacher at the school not having had the training needed to help children learn effectively.” Global Citizen, 10 Barriers to Education Around the World With more and more reports emerging around the growing educational disadvantage, the need for an educational equalizer is clear. A quality education can be the cornerstone in society’s development and economic growth, as well as emotional development and wellbeing. We have the power to nurture and shape our future societies for the better, but quite often this powerful, game-changing tool remains neglected.  Class Time “Increasing access to education can improve the overall health and longevity of a society, grow economies, and even  combat climate change.” Global Citizen, 10 Barriers to Education Around the World The lack of classrooms, untrained educators in specialized fields and learning materials, coupled with distance from home to school and the expense of education can all create significant barriers to quality education for each and every student. But we live in the age of modernization, the age where technology can cross borders, so why should education continue to be overlooked? Why should quality education continue to be a privilege that only the lucky few can experience?