TEAC Conference Report Oct. 2016 | Page 4

TEAC16 Report  LIKTA (Latvia) has developed trainings on wearable technologies for e-health and on how to start a business on 3D printing  Digital Storytelling will be increasingly important in the future, and therefore storytelling skills, being able to report on what you have done, could be an area for support by Telecentres.  Remote working and micro contracts require different skills from office-based working – self time management, online collaboration. In this case you are the product and you have to have the skills to sell yourself.  New skills, such as remote working and collaborative work, are becoming increasingly important, and telecentres could teach the tools and apps to support (remote) teamwork.  People lose confidence, if things change rapidly; telecentres could help people cope with those changes. See the full notes taken by each table here. How-To Workshops On the second day, there were three more interactive sessions. The first were seven parallel How To workshops where leaders prepared practical tips for delegates on how to deliver specific activities, campaigns or services within telecentres. The How To sessions were designed to give delegates a practical understanding of how to carry out a particular activity. Speakers shared their own experience that could help delegates to understand the pitfalls, practicalities and lessons learned. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. How to run an ‘Hour of Code’ – Žarko Čižmar, Telecentar; Yakov Ostanin and Bela Tumasova, PH International How to run a hackathon – Besjana Hysa, Albanian Institute of Science How to run a crowdfunding campaign – Frederik Lamote, Growfunding.Be How to run a digital storytelling service for migrants or refugees – Veronique De Leener, MAKS vzw; Stefano Kluzer, ERVET S.p.A. How to run a 3D printing service – Deepak Mehta, 3Dee NV How to run an interactive online safety event – Rita Šukytė, Langas į ateitį How to enable teachers to become digital leaders – Mara Jakobsone, LIKTA; Gerhard Seiler, 21 Century Competence Centre Unconference After lunch we ran an Unconference where anybody could offer and run any type of session and consequently everybody could join whatever interested them most. The sessions could explore looking for partners for a particular project, a proposed project to apply for funding, or an urgent issue in telecentre development. Five main topics were set in advance and two more were suggested on the day. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. From entrepreneurship courses to open innovation practices within Telecentre Europe members – Thanasis Priftis, Ynternet.org Digital Skills for SMEs – Māra Jākobsone, LIKTA How to Open DATA - Analysis and Visualizations – Besjana Hysa, Albanian Institute of Science Working towards DigComp derivative framework for youth workers – Clau