TEAC Conference Report Oct. 2016 | Page 2

TEAC16 Report
The plenary session set out to address the following questions :
What are the future trends for jobs and skills ? How will modes of employment change ? How will mobility , freelancing , micro-contracts , retail chain failures and industry transformation change in the future ? How can we better predict these trends and changes and develop support packages that will boost inclusion , employability and productivity ?
In response , the plenary speakers talked in detail about the Digital Belgium Plan , the New Skills Agenda for Europe , how ICT skills should be seen as a basic skill , the softer skills people will need for future work and changes to working practices and how the retail different sector is already using many new technologies .
Videos of each speaker and presentations can be found here .
On the second day delegates were addressed in plenary by � Dr Jason Blackstock – Head of Department , Senior Lecturer in Science and Global Affairs , University College London � Andre Richier – Unit for Key Enabling Technologies , Digital Manufacturing and Interoperability , DG for Internal
Market , Industry , Entrepreneurship and SMEs , European Commission The speakers explored in more detail the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the roles of government in it , digital skills of the labour force and the e-skills gap in Europe , as well as IT professionalism and leadership , amongst many other areas . Presentations for these keynote speakers can be found here .