TEAC Conference Report Dec. 2015 - Page 18

2. Funding and sustainability: world café session The overall purpose of this session was to get participants to exchange knowledge on the funding of their organisations, and find partners for projects on concrete topics pre-defined by the Board of Telecentre Europe. 18 List of topics and table leaders: • ICT training : Mariusz Boguszweski • Intergenerational learning and general community building: Gabriel Rissola • E-Inclusion of vulnerable groups and people with disabilities: Magdalena Dimkova • Cyberbullying: Loreta Krizinauskiene • Media literacy and digital storytelling: Zarko Cizmar • Fundraising from private donors: Laurentiu Bunescu Within the plenary we created a “special” environment, modeled after a café, i.e. round tables, block paper, post-its. Participants choose the table according to the topics their organisations were active in. Table leaders were briefed to collect concrete project ideas form each table discussion. As this session was rather intended for the benefit of the participants, its contents will not be shared here. However, participants can contact us to get a copy of the notes from the table discussions they participated in. FOR MORE INFORMATION Contact us at: contact@telecentre-europe.org Check the event website: teannualconference.info See what participants were talking about on: Twitter Check speakers' presentations on: Slideshare Spot yourself in the photos on: FLICKR FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA tc_europe TelecentreEurope Telecentre Europe AISBL tceurope tc_europe Telecentres