TCS BaNCS Customer Newsletter TCS BaNCS #31 (September 2019) - Page 14

interview Q&A with Dhananjaya Arvind Tambe, Deputy Managing Director & Chief Information Officer at State Bank of India The DMD & CIO of India’s largest bank discusses the centrality of analytics in driving customer satisfaction and digital readiness in India’s fast-growing digital marketplace. Let’s start by describing the scale of State Bank of India. SBI is the largest bank in India, with approximately 425 million customers, developed into TCS BaNCS. Today, we handle on average 250 something based on rates and figures. If I’m going to pay you 3% rate of which is more than the population of million transactions per day, and I interest, and another bank is going North America. We serve every nook can tell you with a fair degree of to pay you 3.25% rate of interest, it’s and corner of India, from islands in satisfaction that the bank’s decision very easy to discern the difference. the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian to go for the solution that became Therefore, to add value for your Sea to villages in the Himalayas. We TCS BaNCS was a good decision. customers, you have to offer them have a total branch network of about 23,000, a massive network of 58,000 ATMs, and about the same number of customer service points. What’s SBI’s history with TCS BaNCS? In 2002, the bank decided to deploy a centralized core banking solution. One of the guiding factors relevant products and value-added Describe your overall approach to banking. All your problems in life can be services. If you make the right offers, your customers will feel that the bank solved if you have only one objective, cares for them. Banking is a trust- and in banking, that should be based service; and caring about CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: How do customers has a multiplier effect on I keep my customers more satisfied loyalty. today than they were yesterday? To do this, you have to create value was that it should be able to scale by making relevant offers. Financial up to handle our very large customer services are not emotion-based base and massive scale. We selected services. There is very little scope technology from a company that later for anyone to appeal to emotions on 14 How is it possible for banks to differentiate themselves with technology? Technology has been a great leveler. Every bank today has core banking