TCS BaNCS Customer Newsletter TCS BaNCS #31 (September 2019) - Page 12

case study Key criteria included: l 24/7/365 core banking solution. Modern very mature,” says Lundberg. “From the product roadmap and ongoing community enhancements, solution supporting digital services. it was obvious that l A strong payments infrastructure. The bank TCS BaNCS would keep up with changing market needed a payment engine with adherence demands.” to European SEPA standards, which In 2016, Länsförsäkringar Bank selected TCS involves requirements for message formats, BaNCS, with TCS as its primary implementation communications, and service standards; as partner, including a 20-year support contract. well as connection with Sweden’s existing “Maintenance and support were important payment infrastructure, including its real- evaluation criteria, and TCS had the ability to time payments engine, branded SWISH, that execute on a program like this based on their enables bank-to-bank funds transfers using methodology and culture,” says Lundberg. mobile phones The ensuing three-year deployment succeeded l Flexibility and time to market.To supplement due to the quality of the relationships that Länsförsäkringar’s broad range of products evolved. “Through dialogue and cooperation, we and services across banking and insurance, had a very close relationship with the on-site team Länsförsäkringar Bank sought a platform of product specialists, and we worked well with that would be easy to integrate with the the team in India doing product enhancements,” external world and fast when it came to says Lundberg. “We always felt that TCS took their launching new functionality. responsibilities very seriously.” l Maintenance and support. Ability to provide The deployment was completed very assurance of multi-decade support and successfully, with a total migration and cut over product growth with a futureproof core from the old system to BaNCS in just one weekend banking solution. in April 2019. Länsförsäkringar Bank sent out an RFP to a “TCS promised a lot during the procurement long list of vendors, and then shortened the list process, and they delivered,” said Lundberg. “They by scoring the vendor’s capabilities as well as the lived up to the high expectations that we had with functionality of the core banking solution. “TCS an extremely high commitment on all levels from and TCS BaNCS scored very high in all areas,” says people who were very skilled, positive, and quite Lundberg. good to work with.” TCS BaNCS soon emerged as a After the go-live, Länsförsäkringar Bank clear favorite. “TCS did very well in immediately began to see the benefits of modernizing TCS BaNCS, and from a a modern core banking system, including functional perspective, the product is improved data quality, better security, Rikard Lundberg, Core Banking Director, Länsförsäkringar Bank 12