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“ I stood in the field looking out across the horizon and it was very emotional . We ’ d done something real and genuine . It took hard work , communication and conversation . These trees were a very big step on our journey to help conserve the planet ”

Photography : Phil Wilkinson / Alamy
On Hagbrae Farm in Gorebridge , Midlothian , an organic farm south of Edinburgh , something very special is happening . As part of the Cotswold Company ’ s drive to plant 50,000 trees annually ( at least half of which are in the UK ), we ’ ve planted 30,156 trees . And not just any trees . “ We ’ re planting indigenous woodland ,” says Jacquie Silvester , Cotswold Company Head of Sustainability , “ scattered across the farmland . Some trees are planted where cattle and sheep graze to help provide shade for the animals . Grazing livestock in turn help keep grasses down , which creates more diverse plantlife and wildlife . Others are in wetland , as that helps reduce the need for pesticides . It ’ s what ’ s known as an agroecosystem .” Responsibly sourced timber is the most sustainable material for building furniture , and we make sure we trace all timber back to its forest of origin . Although this is a legal requirement , it ’ s a moral one for us , too . ” Our drive to do better for the planet came from a real personal desire within the company ,” Jacquie says . “ To that end we ’ ve also pledged to use 100 % FSC-certified MDF wood by the end of 2022 , and to remove polystyrene from our packaging . We ’ re already 50 % of the way there .”
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