Tax Guide: UK Tier 1 Investor programme – UK Tax Issues 1 - Page 4

where they can be put in place in the tax year before your arrival . The advice should cover : � date of arrival in the UK for tax purposes � the residence status of spouses / dependants � pre-residence planning to establish funding to use in the UK free of tax ; � the seperation of non UK funds � structuring the purchase of your UK property � managing your investment portfolio to ensure it is UK tax compliant after you are UK resident � managing your business interests after you are UK resident � notifying the UK revenue authorities of your arrival and filing annual UK tax returns � dealing with tax and national insurance for any domestic staff .
How can Odiri Tax Consultants help ?
Odiri Tax Consultants can offer full help and advice to support you and your immigration team at all stages of the process of applying for the investor visa . We can also provide :
� tax advice on how to structure your assets and business interests before coming to the UK and how to manage your tax affairs once you become UK resident .
full tax compliance service , dealing with all the necessary tax returns and filings for you , your family , and your domestic staff so that you can be confident that you are UK tax compliant .
Contact us for more information on how we can help you on Loveth Watson on 01733808075 .