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NOW beauty of the beets

To pull off truly impeccable regional cuisine , two elements must be at play – a commitment to local ingredients and the creativity to transform these specialties into culinary masterpieces . Rich vibrant reds of sweet earthy beets make them an ingredient that is absolutely show stealing . Red , golden and sometimes candy striped , popularly grown by prairie gardeners for home cooking and pickling , are now more available at markets and getting star treatment in an exciting collection of snacks and dishes . Discover how local chefs roast , fry or add something a little sour in ways that bring out the dusty beet ’ s shine .
by Laurie Hughes
Spurred by the healing
properties of nutrient rich earthy beets , local producer Dr . Beetroot sells a collection of fourteen Manitoba made food products dedicated to the super-root . Beet dip , spread , sauce , powder and juice are converting consumers , but beet ketchup infused with warm robust spices is the run-away best seller .
A meat free brothy
mixture , laden with beets , cabbage and tomatoes earns Falafel Place ’ s sweet beet borscht top marks as one of the city ’ s bests .
Pineridge Hollow procures veggies from a
garden a mere step away . Beets transformed into crispy chips are complemented by creamy and tangy goat cheese dip .
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