Tarek El Mahaba September - Page 43

The Mother of Martyrs of Nayrouz, weremember our Christ supports the faithful in not leave them in their time of as a mother of martyrs. It is Feast of Nayrouz is a time crossand it became a glory beautiful Orthodox Church the oldestchurch in the entire world. It kept for us the purest Orthodox Christian faithfrom generation to generation. The Coptic church is everytribulation. to celebratethe Coptic New Year. It is a time to honor martyrs who were true witnesses tothe Lord Christ. tribulation. They carried the in heaven, therefore, we ask for their intercession onearth. Some of these martyrs were poor but they were rich in faith. The name the mother of ofthe Lord Christ martyrs meaning that her many was on the lips of of our heroes children of Lybia to the confessed their last belief even up to Themartyrs death. Thereare s u ff e r e d martyrs in every unbearable place and every torments generation whose agonies role did Savior Himself. Many of the early apostles and They paid the ultimate price now have ofmartyrdom. Many of these Theseheroes knew that the sent from bishops marched in the way saints faced horrific torture because of their choice,but belief gave and by unbelievers who model was the their minute. them strength. Their life of faith removed the naturalfeeling of fear. They knew that Jesus for their faith; their lives. cross is the narrow gate to enter the kingdom of heaven. Theyloved the Lord Almighty and decided to carry the cross, they fully understood thatGod would 43 eternal notknow that our heroes life. earned Videos the were unbelieversto scare the believers, but they empowered them. May the Lord Almighty help usto live a holy life.