Tarek El Mahaba October Magazine - Page 41

El Nayrouz "You with crown Your the year on September 11th to Our holy fathers taught us goodness; commemorate and honor that martyrdom is greater and Your paths drip with all children, women, and than monasticism and abundance." 65:11) The word (Psalms men martyrs. Those saints the priesthood. We are were so courageous the sons and daughters confessing and testifying of martyrs. Each of us Nayrouz their Christian faith. They can become a martyr. means the beginning of shed their precious blood Saint Augustine told us the year. According to as sacrifices of love to that whoever has the true our Coptic church, the the Lord Jesus. Their desire in the heart to be a feast of Nayrouz marks goal was the eternal martyr is considered like the starting of the Coptic life to be with the Christ a martyr. Other fathers New Year. El Nayrouz in the paradise of joy. told us each of us can be feast is the martyrs’ feast. Martyrdom made our a martyr by having strong It is celebrated every year beautiful church stronger. faith and trust in the Lord Jesus following His holy commandments. Therefore, we need to love and believe in the eternal life where the Lord dwells. We need to put it in front of our eyes at all times to live a life that glorifies the name of the Lord. 41