Tarek El Mahaba October Issue - Page 45

Spiritual Service “I have made myself a servant Service is not just activity, the servants’ spirit should to all, that I might win the visiting, more.” (1 Corinthians 9:19). lessons. All this is important God so their deeds reflect Our Lord God and Savior but what is more important is that relationship with God. Jesus His that God becomes the center Spiritual servants love God’s disciple how to do spiritual and core of the servants. commandments and always service. Consequently, our Therefore, no wonder to see strive to fulfill them honestly fathers, the apostles took service helped some servants by God’s power. That causes a very good care of the to have a deep relationship other people to love God and service that was under their with God and live a religious enjoy Him. Spiritual service care. In fact, they used all life. means to follow it by sending Spiritual service requires the God’s creation. In spiritual epistles, ordaining disciples, servants to be at a higher service servants experience and giving special visits. In spiritual level than those they the power of prayers. They spiritual servants are serving. Since they teach know and believe that what have a true relationship with others about the heavenly the issue that the individual Christ taught service, and preparing be guided by the spirit of is filled with acts of love to God, they feel is incapable His of solving, existence in every aspect God in is their especially, lives, the Almighty capable interfere to and service that He solve but in due allowed them to time do. They feel His to His mighty mighty power in wisdom. May everything the Lord fill us all they do. It is important to those matters, who serve in the church to overwhelmed have a relationship with God. earthly matters. Therefore, they 45 according cannot be with every good deed for the with the sake of His holy name. Amen